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Taste may be a good reason to buy organic foods because they are usually sold closer to where they are grown and as a result they are more fresh. If you have a garden and eat your own vegetables you know what I'm talking about. There is a definite difference in taste. The garden vegetables taste so much better. It is also a belief that better taste means more nutrients and in turn is a lot better for us.

Another good reason is the fact that organic foods contain a lot less pesticide residue than commercially grown foods not to mention the herbicide and artificial fertilizers that are part of big corporate food growing.

Now just recently we're hearing that farmers will be allowed to use the human waste sludge that comes from sewage treatment plants. I don't know about anyone else but I certainly won't knowingly eat vegetables grown in human waste so I'll be paying a lot more attention to where my food is coming from in the immediate future.

Basically I think we should all just be more aware of what we're eating and where it comes from. Chemically, our bodies can only process certain amounts of foreign matter. The rest stays with us.

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