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   Cars Powered By Organic Oil

You may not believe this, but the cars of the future might just be powered by organic sunflower oil. And not only that, but there are already companies that are producing fuel that is made from cleaned organic cooking oil. Well why not, right? With these astronomical gasoline prices, some people are having a difficult time even being able to afford filling up to get to work!


Traditional bio-diesel is a fuel produced specifically for diesel-powered vehicles and is usually made from products like straight organic vegetable oil (SVO) or waste vegetable oil (WVO). However, these fuels require a certain amount of processing in order to be usable in a standard diesel vehicle, and the chemicals used in those processes can be harmful to the environment.


A company called Diesel Secret Energy offers a product that they say is a superior alternative to the existing bio-diesel fuels presently on the market. They note that regular bio-diesel fuel eventually thins out through a process involving substances such as Methanol, which is a very dangerous element. DSE offers what they claim to be a safer alternative, but they will not reveal their recipe for the bio-diesel fuel that they produce, hence the Diesel Secret Energy company name. But they do sell their fuel to the public for only 46 CENTS a gallon. The bio-diesel produced by Diesel Secret Energy is said to be an inexpensive, high performance alternative that can be used in any diesel powered vehicle. These guys are all over the internet and you can also visit their website directly at


Something else you may find a little surprising is that you buy organic diesel fuel on Ebay! Will wonders never cease? At least there’s truth in advertising with them, as they say – you can find IT on ebay!



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