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What is the Fat Percentage of Organic Milk?

Fat percentage of organic milk? 

We know that most all organic products are healthier for us than the conventional ones because of the safe, non-chemical methods used in their production. But what about organic milk? And just what is the fat percentage of organic milk?

Organic milk is taken from organically certified milk cows. The feed of the cows can in no way be genetically modified, nor are hormones or chemical antibiotics allowed to be administered to the animals. Organic milk contains milk powder, but the milk powder cannot contain rBGH. rBGH is the acronym for recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone. It is a growth hormone that is sometimes given to cows to increase their milk production, but in no way permissible for use in organically certified milk cows.

According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, organic milk has caught on big time even though it is more expensive than the non-organic type. It is available in one and two percent fat content and there is even a skim milk being produced.

In a taste survey based on eight different selections of various manufacturer brands and fat percentages, it was decided that overall, four of the organic reduced fat milks were said to have a creamy, fresh flavor that was very well received. The remaining four contestants were still good, but didn’t rank as high in taste and quality overall as the four other favorites.

The top rated brand was the Bell/Cala/Kroger store’s variety called Naturally Preferred. It received an 80 or over out of 100 possible taste points. This brand of milk is ultra-pastuerized milk which means it has a longer shelf life too.

If you have one of those supermarkets in your local area, give it a try.  Bottom line is, fat percentage or not, it’s all a matter of personal taste.


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