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   Growing Elderberry Bushes

If you’re looking for a new way to dress up your garden this year, Elderberry bushes are a elderberry bushnice way to add some ornamental detail. Most commonly recognized for making home-made wine from their berries, Elderberry bushes are native to North America and grow quickly into a well-rounded bush ranging between 8-12 feet high and wide. They produce small, sweet, purple berries and flowers and leaves with colors that change slightly during different times of the year.

Tips for successful growing of Elderberry bushes include preparing the soil before planting. These bushes are sometimes prone to a type of virus that is carried by dandelions and other forms of weeds that might be in your planting area. Nursery-certified Elderberry bushes are the best way to go and are widely available. As an added precaution, you might want to take measures to fumigate the soil before planting your bush. That way you can be sure not to have any problems.

Fertilizing young bushes during the first year is not recommended because it can burn the roots, but by the second year they are in your garden, it’s perfectly fine and you won’t harm the bush in any way. Elderberry bushes prefer lots of sun and moderately moist soil. Keep in mind when choosing your planting spot that these bushes do not do well in soggy or damp spots such as next to a stream or other type of waterway.

Another great feature of Elderberry bushes is that they require very little pruning. They will survive the winter months and can live up to 30 years or more. Once growing your Elderberry bush and it has taken root and begins producing those sweet purple berries, have some fun picking them because Elderberries are delicious in pies, jams and of course, the infamous Elderberry wine.







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