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   Heart Healthy Cookie Recipe

If you're like most people you're on a health kick to enjoy life more. One problem that you might have is giving up all of those sweet cookies for a heart healthy cookie. You might not believe that any cookie without tons of sugar can be good. It's just not true though, and besides eating a heart healthy cookie recipe is best for you. Read on to learn about some of the cookies you can eat, and why they're good for you. It's hard to change a life time of bad eating habits with sweets, but it can be done. Just because you choose to eat a healthy cookie doesn’t mean that you’re going... to be limited on taste. Recipes exist on the Internet and in a lot of cookbooks that include delicious flavors that taste sweet. A healthy cookie means digging into oatmeal, raisins, organic bananas, coconuts, or even an organic apple.

If you're wondering how a cookie could taste so good even with all the fruit, then you’ll need to know the secret. Substitution of hard granulated sugars can be replaced with artificial sweeteners. In some cases the use of pure white sugars that are less refined are used too. Brown sugar is used in a lot of cookies, and surprisingly it's good for you too. In other words there’s not as much sugar in the sugar, and the cookie turns into a heart healthy cookie to eat. Raw honey plays a part to in making a healthy cookie because it's not processed.

It can be made too without white refined sugar when you mix a lot of different types of fruit into it. Raisins, apples, and dates have a unique flavor and they a very naturally sweet dessert. Raw coconut makes an excellent flavor for a cookie. In fact one very heart healthy cookie is a Coconut drop which is just naturally sweet. It can be put into the mixture, or browned and then topped on top of a sugar free cookie to give it that most excellent taste. Oils play a part in making a cookie sweet, so use it as much as possible in your baking.

Finally, you can cut out oils too. If you don’t want any type of hydrogenated oil or trans fats, it’s easy to eat a scrumptious cookie. All you have to do is to add some light chocolate, a few fruits of berries and nuts. You might want to eliminate the flour too, and eat it as a bar dessert. Whatever type of heart healthy cookie that you decide to make or buy, make sure that you enjoy it. It's hard enough to give up the ole habits of past for a healthy choice today.







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