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   What Is Organic Soil?

Organic soil

If you are interested in or are already in the process of starting your own organic vegetable or flower garden, you will need to begin your planting by using organic soil. There are different varieties of organic soil, depending on where and who your purchase it from. Organic soil is widely available at many home and garden centers, health food markets and online through organic supply websites.

One producer of some really great organic soil mixtures is They have an organic soil mixture that is made up of organic forrest compost, organic peat moss, and perlite. They say it has just the right balance of macro and micro nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth.  You can purchase eight quarts of their organic soil mixture for only $3.95!

Another product they recommend is Azomite. Azomite is a mined rock that is full of minerals which are essential for metabolism in many living things. Its name means A to Z because of just how many minerals it actually does contain. Azomite is safe and beneficial for vegetation and animals alike. What’s interesting about Azomite is that it is mined from a volcanic deposit in Utah and ground into dust making the minerals so minute that they can pass through the cell walls of organisms. sells this amazing organic soil find for an incredibly reasonable price of $4.95 for two pounds. They claim the results to be almost immediate!

John & Bob’s sells a 100% organic soil additive that they say enhances root development and overall plant growth. Their organic soil additive is also beneficial for better water retention in the garden or lawn. Its made with concentrated Humus and mixed with other important additives such as calcium to add strength to your existing organic soil. Their web address is



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